Like the title already suggested, I felt the need to tell my story.
My story is about being gay, afraid to speak out.

I’m a 26-year-old guy who’s too terrified to actually tell anyone how I feel, so I’ve always chosen to keep my story to myself. Until now. This blog will define the first moments of me telling the world that I’m gay. Even though I will stay anonymous throughout this whole process.

I hate living the way I do, hiding the true me behind a well-built facade.
Just like the Roman god Janus, I’m two-faced. Like there’s two versions of me.
One where I’m with family members, friends and co-workers, which is the straight guy who’s got everything figured out. The other one – the real one – is the gay guy who feels really sad and lonely and struggles with everyday life.

I chose to name my blog after the Roman god Janus, not only because of the visual comparison of being two-faced, but because he represents beginnings, transitions and endings. I hope writing this blog will prove therapeutic for me and will mean a new beginning in my life. A new chapter. I also hope my blog will inspire people like me to find similar ways of dealing with the never ending struggle of being gay.

See you next time.


2 thoughts on “I need to tell my story. Chapter 1.

  1. Hello, I can totally relate to your feelings. Which was pretty much my reason for writing in a blog, though sporadically aha. Well, from one gay man to another; I’m cheering for you! 🙂


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